Friday, June 14, 2019


'Next war will be worst in Israel's history' IDF Major General Yitzhak Brick: 'Every day 1,000 - 2,000 missiles could hit us in the next war - God help us.'

Tremors across Jordan as Trump Mideast peace plan revives old fears Jordan's King Abdullah reacts angrily to any suggestion that he might accept a U.S. deal to end the Arab-Israeli conflict that would make his country a homeland for Palestinians.

Russian-Iranian Strains Raise Possibility of US-Israel-Russia Deal on Syria With Israel set to host an unprecedented meeting of the national security advisors of the US, Russia, and Israel, this week's efforts by German FM Heiko Maas and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe to mediate between the US and Iran could prove to be but a sideshow.

White House admits Palestinian economic growth depends on peace deal Ahead of Bahrain conference, which the PA is boycotting, administration official touts 'exciting roadmap'; Jordan implies it hasn't decided to attend.

Mercy Gate Illegally Being Turned into Mosque by Waqf, State looks on The police has contradicted the state's reported comments specifying that "the Waqf has installed a loudspeaker for the muezzin and inserted prayer mats into the compound."

AJC Survey: 3/4 of US Jews say Israel is vital to 'long-term Jewish future' Seventy-two percent of American Jews polled in a survey this month said that "a thriving State of Israel is vital for the long-term future of the Jewish people."

Arabs' Nightmare: Absorbing Palestinians Lebanon says it fully supports the Palestinians in their fight against Israel -- but would like to see them leave the country as soon as possible.

Sudan Crisis News: What is the crisis and how did it start? Sudan is currently facing a major issue between the local people and the government backed by military forces.

Amid increased tensions, Hamas calls on mediators to save Gaza truce Holding Israel responsible for failing to fully implement the understandings, Khalil al-Haya, a senior Hamas official, warned that Hamas may be forced to respond to the alleged foot-dragging.

'Many horrible people have been popular': Tory Muslim chief compares Boris Johnson to Hitler Mohammed Amin, the Conservative Party's Muslim chief, says he'll quit after 36 years if Boris Johnson becomes prime minister, as he believes the former foreign secretary doesn't have the "basic morality and integrity" for the job.