Wednesday, October 03, 2012


* Armed Syrians Cause Evacuation at Hermon Site Armed Syrians were spotted near Israel's northern border on Wednesday.

* Fear of Israeli Attack had Iran Firing at its own Jets While an Israeli threat of an attack against Iran is speculated daily in the international media, classified Pentagon intelligence papers reveal that it was actually in 2008 that Iran was so fearful of an Israeli attack they mistakingly fired at their own airliners.

* Iran Claims it was Target of Cyber Attack Iranian officials claim cyber attackers targeted their country's infrastructure and communications companies Wednesday.

* Thousands Participate in Priestly Blessing at Western Wall The annual Priestly Blessing from Jerusalem, chanted by thousands of Kohanim, male descendants of Moses' brother Aaron the Levite, the first High Priest, went forth Wednesday.

* Easy living in the sacred space of the sukkah The sukkah of my youth was an elegantly makeshift affair.

* A late-blooming Arab Spring in Jordan? Muslim Brotherhood, opposition groups, call for massive rally in Amman to demand reform and boycott upcoming elections.

* Iran rehearsed attacking Haifa and Dimona The Iranian military is using firing ranges designed to resemble Haifa and Dimona to rehearse an air attack on Israel.

* Blessings and Celebrations as Thousands Gather in Hebron Thousands of Jews from across the country came to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot in the holy city of Hebron.

* 25 international MPs assert Israel's right to preemptively attack Iran A group of 25 non-Jewish parliamentarians from 17 countries on Wednesday signed a resolution justifying a potential Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

* Human Rights Watch reports on 'severe' Hamas abuse of Palestinians An international rights group said Wednesday that Hamas security forces in the Gaza Strip commit rampant abuses against Palestinian prisoners.