Monday, June 13, 2016


The IDF is ready for another conflict with Hezbollah at a moment's notice  10 years after Second Lebanon War, brigade adapting for formidable foe. 

Terrorism: Stop the mud-slinging, fight the war  Op-ed: After Orlando, we can spend the next few weeks venting our fears and frustrations. Or we can get serious about thwarting death cult extremism. 

Nuclear powers shrinking, modernizing arsenals - watchdog  Despite fewer warheads, none of world's 9 nuclear powers show signs of surrendering their atomic weapons, study finds. 

Obama: Orlando jihad killer inspired by 'propaganda and perversions of Islam'  Exactly how was the Orlando jihad massacre a perversion of Islam? . 

Watch: Temple Mount preacher calls to 'annihilate the Jews'  Despite crackdown on incitement, anti-Semitic hate-speech in Al Aqsa Mosque apparently continuing. 

Brazil regrets its vote negating Israel's tie to Western Wall, Temple Mount  The text of the resolution passed at the 199th session of UNESCO does not recognize a Jewish connection to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount and calls Israel an "occupying power." 

Record-breaking $65 Billion Global Defense Trade in 2015 Fueled by Middle East, Asia  Arab countries lead Israel in defense imports, but Israel tops in exports. 

Islam, a religion of violence: 100 Qur'an verses show truth Dr. Bill Warner, the founder and director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI), has compiled one hundred verses from the Qur'an, "referred to as 'Sword Verses' " and provided context according to the Tafsir Ibn Kathir, an accepted scholars guide for the Qur'an. 

Taliban Jihadists Skin Man Alive After Ripping His Eyes Out  A 21-year-old Afghan was 'skinned alive' by the Taliban, who also ripped out his eyes, in 'retaliation' for the death of one of its former commanders allegedly at the hands of a distant relative of the victim, The Washington Post (WaPo) has learned from a local lawmaker. 

Donald Tusk: Brexit could destroy Western political civilisation  European Council president Donald Tusk has warned that a UK vote to leave the EU could threaten "Western political civilisation".