Thursday, December 14, 2017


Hamas rockets are onset of anti-Israel war of attrition ordered by Iran's Gen. Soleimani The Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza Wednesday night, Dec. 13, were the 12th and 13th since US President Donald Trump's Jerusalem decision on Dec.6.

Rouhani: Iran ready to unconditionally cooperate to defend Quds TEHRAN - President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Iran is ready to cooperate unconditionally with all Muslim nations to defend al-Quds (Jerusalem).

"We swear to break your necks": Islamic State depicts Trump and Netanyahu kneeling before jihadi executionerMeanwhile, the Left decries as "racist" and "Islamophobic" any effort by Trump to take steps to prevent more Islamic State jihadis from entering the country.

Hamas Will Reverse Trump's Jerusalem Move, Leader Tells Gaza Rally "We will knock down Trump's decision. No superpower is capable of offering Jerusalem to Israel, there is no Israel that it should have a capital named Jerusalem."

In Pictures: Gazans Celebrate 30 Years of Hamas Thousands of people of all ages attended the celebration in Gaza City.

Three Years of Relative Quiet Shattered by Trump's Jerusalem Declaration The past week has seen the most serious peak of violence between Israel and Hamas since the end of Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

JPost Poll: Skyrocketing Support for Trump Among Israelis Split on impact of Jerusalem announcement on peace.

Nazareth to Observe Most Christmas Festivities Despite Anger Over Trump While canceling performances, most holiday activities will go on as normal.

Study finds anti-Semitism rampant among Muslim migrants in Germany "The dimensions of the problem are much larger than expected."