Monday, October 31, 2016


Half of Russians fear Syria standoff could spark WW3, poll shows Almost half of all respondents in a recent Russian opinion poll said they feared that the aggravation of relations between Russia and the West caused by the ongoing crisis in Syria could develop into a global military conflict.

Palestinian Authority refuses to stop honoring jihad murderers "The occupation is deluded if it thinks that the Palestinian people can change its culture and forget its leaders, Martyrs Yasser Arafat, Khalil Al-Wazir (Abu Jihad), Salah Khalaf, and a great number of the fighters who sacrificed their blood for the freedom, independence, and establishment of the independent Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem."

Mosul battle: Iraqi forces near city's eastern outskirts Iraqi special forces are now less than 1.5km from the eastern outskirts of Mosul and are preparing to enter the city held by Islamic State fighters.

Lebanon's new pro-Hezbollah president vows to retake 'Israeli-occupied' land The Lebanese presidency is reserved for a Maronite Christian in the country's sectarian power-sharing system.

Israel's Role in the Shameful UN Temple Mount Decision UNESCO's efforts to rewrite history in Jerusalem are illogical and blatantly anti-Israel, but that doesn't excuse Israel's government from its role in this fiasco.

Iranians arrested after celebrating ancient Persian king Cyrus the Great Crowds of mostly young Iranians attended the march near the ancient city of Pasargadae in central province of Fars on Friday.

Russian PM to discuss Israel-PA peace MainAll NewsMiddle EastRussian PM to discuss Israel-PA peace Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev reportedly will visit Israel and the PA on November 9.

Iraqi Christians Return to Charred Churches Captured from ISIS Surrounded by charred walls and in front of a ruined altar, dozens of Iraqi Christians celebrated mass at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Qaraqosh on Sunday for the first time since it was recaptured from Islamic State.

India and UNESCO: Historical View vs. Jihad View King Solomon built the First Temple here around 1000 BC.

IDF Fortifies Lebanese Border Against Hezbollah Infiltration The Israel Defense Forces is fortifying a stretch of the Lebanese border to prepare for a possible infiltration by Hezbollah fighters in the next conflict.