Saturday, May 05, 2018


End of Days Expert on Iran: ‘Things Are About to Get Biblical!’ As Iran and Israel come into direct conflict in Syria and world leaders wonder what to do about Iran’s nuclear program, Rabbinic authorities look to prophecy to find clear answers for a developing situation that one end-of-days expert says is “about to get Biblical.”

The Iran deal is dead -- Iran killed it The Iran nuclear deal is dead – and the mullahs who rule the Islamic Republic have only themselves to blame.

US Navy resurrects Second Fleet in Atlantic to counter Russia The US Navy has said it will re-establish its Second Fleet, as Russia becomes more assertive.

The Political Battle Over Netanyahu's Epic Iran Intel Broadcast Why Netanyahu’s Iran archive presentation ended up dividing, rather than uniting.

Sources: Trump To Ask Israel To Withdraw From 4 East J'lem Neighborhoods Move is part of administration’s peace plan expected to be unveiled after embassy relocation.

New Archaeological Find is Helping Settle Academic Dispute Over Historical King David Archaeologists, aided by burrowing mole rats, discovered a large building in the valley below the hills of Hebron attributed to the kingdom of Biblical King David.

Nasa's InSight mission will target 'Marsquakes' The American space agency Nasa has launched its latest mission to Mars.

European intelligence officials briefed in Israel on Iran’s nuclear archive Israeli official says reveal of trove was timed to follow Macron, Merkel meetings with Trump ahead of decision on nuke deal. 'Last week belonged to Europeans, this week was ours'

Emmanuel Macron’s coalition of the willing Impatient with German foot-dragging on defense, French President Emmanuel Macron will bring together a 10-nation coalition of the willing next month designed to prepare European armed forces to take action together in emergencies, and to bind Britain into military cooperation as it leaves the EU.

Kerry said to meet with Iran’s Zarif in bid to salvage nuclear deal Former secretary of state reportedly meets world leaders to discuss ways to save accord; Trump mocks Kerry for cycling accident during deal's negotiations