Thursday, March 09, 2017


IS conflict: US sends Marines to support Raqqa assault The US has sent 400 additional troops to Syria to support an allied local force aiming to capture the so-called Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa.

Hezbollah recruited through Facebook profile Operative assigned to reconnaissance and abduction arrested at zero hour.

US 'Women's Strike' Platform Calls for 'Decolonization of Palestine' The statement on Palestine is included in a section on "Antiracist and Anti-imperialist Feminism" in the platform for the US affiliate of the International Women's Strike.

How Esther and Mordechai's Tombs Defy Modern Iran's Vow to Destroy Israel Today The burial site of Purim heroes Mordechai and Esther stands proudly in the heart of Iran, proclaiming the Jews' Biblical victory from within their most prominent modern enemy.

North Korea Could Soon Launch Attack on Hawaii North Korea could soon have the capacity to launch an attack on Hawaii that would devastate America's Pacific military bases, accelerating the need for the United States to upgrade missile defenses in the area.

Netanyahu in Moscow Leverages Putin Purim Greeting to Slam Iran Today, Netanyahu said, Iran - the continuation of ancient Persia - has similar designs: to wipe out the state of the Jews.

Poland fails to stop Donald Tusk EU re-election EU leaders have re-elected Donald Tusk as president of the European Council despite a bid to oust him by his home country, Poland.

Turkish diplomat 'seeks Swiss asylum' Turkey's deputy ambassador to Switzerland has claimed asylum, according to Swiss media.

Netanyahu tells Putin that Iran must not replace IS in Syria PM says Iran seeking to build up its military forces and infrastructure in order to establish itself in Syria, including an attempt to build a seaport.

Palestinians: Fake News and "Alternative Facts" There is no shortage of Palestinian and Arab news websites that publish hoaxes, propaganda, lies and disinformation disguised as real news.