Tuesday, August 10, 2010


* Hizbullah Calls on Lebanon to Shun US Aid and Turn to Iran A senior Hizbullah terrorist organization member and member of the Lebanese parliament called on the Beirut government to forget about obtaining ”conditional” American military aid.

* 'Iran digs mass graves for US troops' In a morbid show of bravado, Iran has dug mass graves for US troops should the United States decide to implement Adm. Mike Mullen's contingency plan to strike Iran.

* 'Anti-Semitism is worse in 2010 than 1910' Times are dire, anti-Semitism is on the rise and the world is becoming a more perilous place for the Jews to live in by the day.

* Iran Turns the Tables on US, Calls it World's Leader in Terror Iran says the United States "is calling the kettle black" by saying it leads the world in terror.

* Mitchell arrives amid low hopes US Middle East envoy George Mitchell arrived on Monday evening for two days of talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

* Jordanians Burn Israel Flag, Protest Need for Visa for Jerusalem A group of Jordanian Islamists staged a sit-in Monday night and burned an Israeli flag in front of Jordan's Tourism Ministry in Amman.

* Russia battles to defend nuclear sites from fires Russia fought a deadly battle Tuesday to prevent wildfires from engulfing key nuclear sites.

* U.S. turns over remaining combat duties to Iraq; 16 die in violent attacks in several cities The U.S. military formally handed over all combat duties to the Baghdad government on Aug. 7.

* Black sea for warships to hold drills Aug. 11-30 Warships from the Black Sea Naval Group, the Blackseafor, will conduct three-week drills starting on Wednesday.

* Discovering the Underwater Missions Unit In honor of Israeli Navy Week, the Navy has released a collection of exciting photographs from the tiny, little-known, critical Underwater Missions Unit.