Thursday, January 10, 2013


* Israel president warns of new Palestinian uprising Israel's president has warned that the Palestinians are liable to launch a new uprising if the Jewish state doesn't do more to try to reach a peace accord.

* Egypt's president invited to Iran, discusses Syria Iran's foreign minister on Thursday invited Egypt's president to visit Tehran again.

* Poll: Right to Get 71 Seats in Next Knesset With less than two weeks to the elections, a new poll shows that support for parties is stabilizing.

* U.S.-made pistols smuggled from Turkey to Yemen in cake, cookie boxes Turkey has determined that U.S.-origin firearms were smuggled to Yemen.

* Iran tries to improve ties with Egypt Shiite Iran, increasingly isolated over its nuclear program, tried to improve ties with Egypt on Thursday.

* Apophis asteroid: Large space rock flies past Earth Apophis - named after the Egyptian demon of destruction and darkness - has been put on a watch list by scientists.

* Istanbul: smuggler capital for EU-bound migrants Many of the groups which smuggle people into Europe are based in the migrant quarters of Turkey's vast city on the EU border - Istanbul.

* US warns Britain on EU referendum The Obama administration has warned Britain against sidelining itself in the EU as Prime Minister Cameron comes under increasing pressure to hold a membership referendum.

* NATO detects more missile launches in Syria A short-range ballistic missile was fired inside Syria on Wednesday, following similar launches last week.

* Fatah, Hamas take fresh stab at unity deal The Egyptians announced Thursday that Fatah and Hamas have agreed to start immediately implementing previous reconciliation agreements signed between the two rival parties.