Monday, September 02, 2013


PM: No One Had Better Violate Our Rosh Hashana Peace Prime Minister Netanyahu urged Israelis to relax during the coming three day holiday, warning Israel's neighbors not to violate the calmness.

US reroutes aircraft carrier for possible help with Syria USS Nimitz carrier group heading west towards Red Sea, possibly toward the Mediterranean in anticipation of strike.

Hezbollah says it will hit Israel from within Syria Terror groups says it wants to avoid dragging Lebanon into clash that could be sparked by US strike against Damascus regime.

Syria asks UN to stop US strike, 'prevent the absurd use of force' Syrian UN envoy says US should play its role as peace sponsor.

Gloating Syria Hails 'Historic Retreat' by US Syrian officials say Obama showed 'hesitation' and is looking for a way to "get down from the tree he climbed."

Syrian Media Releases List of Potential Targets in Israel Syrian state media releases list of potential targets for retaliatory strikes in the event of US intervention.

'We Can Only Rely on God and Our Troops' Former IDF Major General Uzi Dayan sees American uncertainty as a sign that Israel cannot rely on foreign powers to secure its future.

Israel's population hits 8-million mark on Jewish New Year Since last year, the population has grown by 142,000 or by 1.8%.

In US Congress, no party-line vote on force against Syria The White House will likely gain a majority of House Democrats with the help of minority leader Nancy Pelosi. House Republicans will likely try to amend the resolution to tailor its reach.

Bennett: Stop the 'Peace Cult' Bayit Yehudi head says if we'd handed over Golan, Al Qaeda would be dipping its feet in the Sea of Galilee.