Tuesday, December 15, 2009


* 'Recognition of '67 border before talks' Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced on Tuesday that the Palestinians won't resume peace talks with Israel unless the international community recognized the 1967 borders as the boundaries of a Palestinian state.

* US to drill Iranian attack scenario A top Pentagon official said Monday that a US missile defense drill will simulate an Iranian attack.

* Copenhagen climate summit progress 'too slow' Negotiations at the Copenhagen summit are progressing too slowly, the UN's climate chief has warned.

* Hamas says will unite with Iran if Israel attacks Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal said on Tuesday that Islamist militant groups would back Iran if the country was attacked by Israel.

* Deputy FM: Syria 'fooled everyone' Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon says Syria is responsible for the failure of peace negotiations between Jerusalem and Damascus.

* Gulf Arab states move closer to single currency Gulf Arab nations put into force a monetary pact Tuesday, moving a step closer toward the elusive goal of a single regional currency and greater integration between the mainly oil-rich states.

* IDF: Christians to have free access to Bethlehem during Christmas Christian leaders representing a wide spectrum of sects were assured Monday morning by the commander of the IDF's Civil Administration Bethlehem Coordination and Liaison Office that Christian pilgrims would have free access to the birthplace of Jesus.

* Judicial jihad: Engaging a new battlefront On December 6, 2001, three months after the Durban hatefest, I attended the last meeting of its NGO Forum International Steering Committee in Geneva.

* PLO to vote on extending Abbas's term The PLO Central Council is expected to convene in Ramallah on Tuesday to vote on extending Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's term in office.