Wednesday, June 09, 2021


 First test for emerging Israeli government: Iran is galloping towards breakout, says Blinken Iran’s nuclear breakout may soon be a “matter of weeks.”

The Poisonous Fruit of Appeasing Iran's Mullahs The Arabs clearly see what the Biden administration, Britain, Germany and France are refusing to see -- that Iran has ambitions not only to acquire a nuclear bomb, but also aggressively to export its "Islamic revolution" and terrorism on a global scale.

Satellite images of Iran nuclear site raise alarms as IAEA meets in Vienna The new images show vehicles at the site in October 2020, and a new access road and excavation in January 2021 that was covered up in March.

Is Israel heading for its own Jan. 6? In Jerusalem, officials fear political violence during the transition. As Benjamin Netanyahu makes a last-ditch attempt to stay in power, even with a rival coalition set to take office, U.S. journalists and scholars are offering a dire comparison: Jan. 6.

Israel approves flag march through Jerusalem's Old City Israel's outgoing government has said a flag march by Israeli nationalists through Jerusalem's Old City can happen next week pending police approval.

Israeli Sovereignty Is Being Tested by Extortion and Threats Surrendering to Hamas threats and canceling the flag parade in Jerusalem constitutes a grave violation of Israeli sovereignty that will lead to no less serious acts of extortion on the political and security levels.

Palestinian premier: No proof Jewish Temple ever existed on Temple Mount “The director of Facebook told me that the hashtag ‘Sheikh Jarrah’ had been shared 76 million times,” says P.A. Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh, hailing “unprecedented” global support.

NATO calls for crunch talks with Russia as Moscow unveils armed forces shakeup in response to military bloc’s activity on borders Russian army chiefs have been asked to join Western counterparts for discussions on how to de-escalate the tense standoffs on the country’s borders, with NATO’s general secretary calling on Moscow to meet as a matter of urgency.

EU Parliament approves digital COVID certificate EU lawmakers have backed a proposal allowing for digital proof of COVID vaccinations or negative tests.

U.N. Agency Calls North Korea’s Nuclear Activity ‘Cause for Serious Concern’ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Rafael Grossi told his organization’s board of governors on Monday that North Korea’s recent nuclear activities are a “cause for serious concern.”