Friday, December 09, 2011


* Fear, speculation in Iran over military strike The threat of military strikes on Iran has upturned the quiet and comfortable lives once enjoyed by many Iranians, ushering in a new era of struggle and fear.

* Turkey sets terms for backing Free Syrian Army: Bow to Muslim Brotherhood group Turkey, aligned to the Muslim Brotherhood, has cracked down on the rebel army in Syria.

* Egypt's military said to be subsidizing Muslim Brotherhood's party Egypt's new military regime is said to have been financing the Islamic opposition.

* Security and Defense: Preparing for nuclear terror Israel will hold a civil defense drill that for the first time will simulate the response to an attack by a dirty bomb.

* Arab World: Getting under Tehran's umbrella Iraq's stance on Syria reflects a new sectarian regional reality in the increasingly Islamized political landscape of the Middle East.

* Iran invests in Islamic Jihad war machine: 8,000 fighters, 5,000 rockets The Iranian-sponsored Islamic Jihad has reported a sharp growth in membership and weapons in 2011.

* The wrong signals to Iran Iran has beeen showing signs of increasing nervousness about the possibility that its nuclear program will come under attack by Israel or the United States.

* Iran protests US drone incursion The US drone which Iran said it had brought down penetrated 250 kilometres (150 miles) inside the Islamic republic's air space.

* Jordan warns Israel over Al-Aqsa ramp closure Jordan, the custodian of Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, warned Israel on Friday against closing a wooden access ramp to the sensitive Al-Aqsa mosque compound in the Old City.

* Hamas to Arab states: Stop 'Israeli aggression' Four rockets fired at Israel from Gaza after IDF strikes targets overnight.