Tuesday, November 17, 2015


* Russia acknowledges "act of terror" brought down plane in Sinai - Russian security chief finally agrees with assessments of Western intelligence organizations that Metrojet crash was 'terror act.'

* Fatah cartoons: Israel behind Paris terror ‎attacks that killed 129 - Today, Fatah posted two cartoons that reiterate the Palestinian libel that Israel is behind the Paris terror attacks that killed at least 129 people.

* The evolution of ISIS - Experts analyze what new strikes against Russia and France mean regarding how the jihadist group operates and communicates abroad.

* EU activates mutual defense clause for France - EU member states agreed Tuesday (17 November) to grant military assistance to France following Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

* Long-range bombers to fly anti-ISIS missions from Russia, Putin orders Navy to work with France - Russia has deployed its fleet of strategic bombers to double the volume of airstrikes on Islamist targets in Syria.

* Jordan's King Abdullah: We are facing a Third World War - "The atrocious Paris attacks shows that scourge of terrorism can strike anywhere and any time," monarch says.

* China nearly triples number of supercomputers, report says - China has almost tripled its number of supercomputers, according to a reputable list of the world's most powerful machines.

* PA music video: Nothing beats "martyrdom" shooting attacks - Watch: Official PA TV runs new song urging Arabs to shoot Jews because "there is nothing more beautiful than martyrdom."

* Palestinians: Our Kids Have Right to Stone Jews - Earlier this month, Israel’s Knesset enacted a minimum prison term for minors who throw stones and firebombs at vehicles.

* Obama Administration Weighs Partnership with Russia Against Islamic State - CIA director: "We’ve been exchanging information" with Moscow, "needs to be enhanced".