Thursday, May 19, 2016


ISIS threatens global war with Israel  Jewish state threatened by group's advance toward its borders, Islamic State says. 

EgyptAir crash: Debris found from flight MS804  Debris and body parts have been found in the Mediterranean Sea by teams searching for a missing EgyptAir plane, Greek and Egyptian officials say.

Cardinal Robert Sarah: United States Faces 'Insidious War' Against Christians  In a scathing address at a prayer breakfast in Washington D.C. this week, a high-ranking Vatican cardinal has denounced an 'insidious war' against Christians taking place in the United States under the guise of tolerance. 

Government, Industry Studying Threat of Nuclear EMP Attack on Electric Grid  High-altitude nuclear blast would cause widespread power outage. 

Arabs demand UN remove Jerusalem panel from Israel exhibititain  Reference to 'the spiritual and physical capital of the Jewish people' sparks ire for 'purport[ing] to assert Israeli sovereignty'. 

Analysis: The Syrian war has exposed Hezbollah to assassinations  Lebanese terrorist group should only expect more liquidations of commanders. 

Erdogan ally set to become new Turkish prime minister  Binali Yildirim, a close ally of Erdogan for around two decades, will be the sole candidate for the AKP leadership at a special party congress on Sunday. 

Iraq demands that Jordan extradite Saddam Hussein's daughter  It is not the first time Iraq has demanded that Jordan extradite Hussein's daughter, who has been living in Amman since 2003, when American forces occupied Iraq and toppled her father's regime. 

Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind: Russia and Israeli Planes Near Dogfight  Last month, on the eve of Passover, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu jumped onto his plane and rushed to Moscow. 

Iron Dome intercepts rockets from sea for first time  The missile defense system, now installed on a missile ship, successfully shot down a grad rocket shot at the ship from the shore.