Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Iran: Nothing will stop our missile program  General declares Islamic Republic will continue developing ballistic missiles, despite UN resolutions and US sanctions. 

Egypt plane drama ends with hijacker arrested, passengers freed  'It's over,' tweets Cypriot Foreign Ministry after seven-hour standoff at Larnaca airport; officials say no explosives found. 

Celestial nursery: Spectacular Milky Way 'space ribbon' image shows origins of stars (PHOTO)  The European Space Agency has shared an incredible image from deep inside the Milky Way's abundance of clouds, showing the fascinating formation of new stars. 

'Somalia-bound' ship of weapons seized by French navy  French naval forces patrolling the northern Indian Ocean have seized a ship full of weapons they say was heading towards Somalia. 

Report: ISIS planning 'imminent' attacks on Jewish children in Turkey  Report cites information allegedly obtained by intelligence officials from arrested ISIS operatives regarding "an imminent" attack. 

Watch: Islamic Jihad vows to avenge the blood of Palestinians 'executed' by Israel  The video appears to be an attempt by Islamic Jihad to ride the wave of Palestinian outrage toward Israel following the "execution" of a Palestinian terrorist by an IDF soldier in Hebron Thursday. 

Non-Jews are forbidden by Jewish law to live in Israel, chief rabbi says  Audio from the sermon by Yitzhak Yosef was obtained by Channel 10, which was the first to air its contents. 

Pakistan on the Mediterranean  Analysis: Turkey aids ISIS while benefiting from havoc the terrorists create. 

Italy reports upsurge in migrants crossing from Libya  The Italian coastguard reported on Monday (28 March) it had rescued 1,482 migrants off the Libyan coast in two days, a new indication that the number of migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Italy is on the rise. 

Libya Could 'Open the Floodgate' For Thousands Of Migrants Into Europe  Libyan asylum centres will 'open the floodgates' and let thousands of migrants pour across the Mediterranean into Europe if the West does not offer them support, officials have said.