Thursday, July 30, 2020


Rabbis call to break holiday tradition of Fasting: arise to Temple Mount Rabbi Yehuda Kroizer, Chief Rabbi of Mitzpe Yericho in Judea and dean of the Hara’ayon Hayehudi (the Jewish idea) yeshiva (Torah academy) in Jerusalem, released a ruling this week instructing that ascending to the Temple Mount is so important that a person who does so may even break the fast by drinking water in order to do so.

'People are awakening to the Temple Mount' Temple Mount activists tell Arutz Sheva about exciting ascent to Temple Mount: 'Prostration is not provocation, no one was arrested.'

Israel’s ‘Stability’ Strategy Strengthens Terrorists Since the 1990s, the dominant view in Israel’s national security community has been that Israel’s top priority in relation to the Palestinians is to maintain the stability of their leadership.

Islamic State urges Muslims in US to ‘monitor well for a place you can set a fire without drawing attention’ Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State have for years been advocating using fires as a tool of jihad.

Iran military drill shows off missiles to threaten US and Israel On Wednesday, Iran upped the rhetoric with images of masses of missiles which it claims are the first of their type being shot from underground areas.

Bye Bye Benjamin! Russia & China speed up de-dollarization process: most trade no longer conducted in greenbacks After years of talking about abandoning the US dollar, Russia and China are doing it for real.

Twitter downplays Khamenei calls for genocide as political speech Earlier this year, Khamenei tweeted calling for "the elimination of the Zionist regime" through "firm, armed resistance."

Turkey Hedges Its Bets by Positioning as a Supply Chain Alternative to China A Turkish-US business council is promoting Turkey as a trading alternative to China with the help of influential US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a close associate of President Donald Trump.

China Seeds: A Biological Attack on America? Some think the packages [of seeds marked as "jewelry"] could be part of a "brushing scam" — an effort to create fake customer reviews on online retail platforms — but that appears unlikely.

NEW: Jewish Temple Mount lobby established in Israel's Parliament on 9th of Av On the eve of the 9th of Av, the the Temple Mount lobby was established in the Israel’s Knesset, The lobby is headed by Knesset Members Ariel Kalner and May Golan of the ruling Likud party.