Tuesday, January 15, 2013


* Syria ordered to attack Israel if Assad falls Embattled Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has ordered his military chiefs to launch ballistic missiles at Israel if he is killed by rebel forces.

* Fed up, Obama says Israel 'doesn't know its own best interests' US President Barack Obama, frustrated with continued construction in Israeli settlements in the West Bank, has reportedly become "inured".

* US condemns Morsi's 2010 anti-Semitic remarks The White House on Tuesday strongly condemned comments that Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was reported to have made in 2010.

* Who killed Arafat? Possibly his closest colleagues Yasser Arafat waved goodbye to his supporters on a cold October morning in 2004.

* Jordan Islamists to step up anti-election campaign Jordan's powerful Islamists warned on Tuesday they will step up their campaign against next week's parliamentary elections.

* Temple Laver Moved to New Home The Temple Institute moved a giant copper laver, or wash basin, to the new home of its exhibit of Temple articles on Monday.

* Iran to launch a monkey into space It appears Iran has decided to play catch-up with the US and Russia in the space race.

* Israel to reconstruct King Herod's tomb The glory of King Herod, the Judean king famous for renovating the Temple Mount and building Masada, will rise again - or at least his tomb will.

* Egypt to Host Another Fatah-Hamas Meeting Egypt is set to host another meeting between Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction and its rival Hamas.

* Blasts at Syrian university kill more than 80 Twin blasts inside a university campus in Syria's largest city on Tuesday set cars ablaze.