Monday, February 10, 2020


WW3 alert as Iran launches advanced ballistic missile in terrifying show of military might Iran unveiled a new advanced ballistic missile on Sunday highlighting a new feature that could make it more versatile and deadly in a menacing display of sabre-rattling as tensions with the West soar.

Russia ramps up complaints that Israel raids endanger civilians, could prompt war with Syria Russian ambassador to Damascus, Alexander Yevimov, warned on Monday, Feb. 10 that Israeli raids "are provocative and very dangerous for the situation in Syria."

The EU's response to Trump's peace plan has been pitiful - it is time for the bloc to speak up The 27 have a crucial role to play in containing the American president's destructive impulses - a role it is entirely reneging.

Palestinians: After Inciting Violence, Abbas Comes to New York To Fight a Peace Plan "Other stateless people can only dream of being offered independence and $50bn by the US president.... If only the Yazidis or Baluchis or Kurds or Rohingya Muslims were so lucky." - Tom Gross, January 29, 2020.

Sanhedrin Gets Authorization to Use Their Trees for Third Temple Five years ago, the Sanhedrin began planting in preparation for the needs of the Third Temple and today is the first day the fruit of their labor can be used.

Can NATO and The EU Really Defend the Baltic States Against Russia? The Defender Exercise 2020 will be one of the biggest military exercises since the end of the Cold War.

U.S. Ambassador Warns Israel Against Annexing West Bank Settlements Before Getting U.S. Approval Any unilateral Israeli action toward annexing West Bank territory could endanger the Trump administration's peace plan, U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman warned in a two-part tweet Sunday.

China Is Making Middle East Moves Over the past decade, we've seen great power jockeying return to the Eastern Mediterranean with China using its deep pockets to secure influence with key U.S. allies as a means to further its global ambitions and adversely impact the United States' national security interests.

Opinion: West African Christians face Islamic terror as US weighs troop withdrawals West Africa's Christians are suffering extraordinary levels of violence at the hands of radical Islamist killers.

ANALYSIS: Two Israeli-Palestinian peace proposals - through the eyes of a machine While Trump focuses on prosperity, Arab Peace Initiative lives up to name with "peace" and "Arab" in spotlight.