Monday, August 23, 2010


* Ahmadinejad: Israel lacks courage to attack Iran Iranian leader tells Al Jazeera he doesn’t think threat of attack by US or Israel is 'serious'; says Persian Gulf states 'too smart' to allow use of US bases in their territory for strike on Tehran.

* Iran builds ambassador of death Ahmadinejad inaugurates first locally made unmanned long-range bomber.

* Abbas warns Ashton of threat to peace talks Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has warned in a letter to EU high representative Catherine Ashton that an end to Israel's partial settlement freeze would bring an immediate halt to direct peace talks.

* Iran: If attacked our response will be wide-ranging and unpredictable Iran Revolutionary Guards unveil new high-speed missile-carrying vessels, latest in series of recent additions to country's military arsenal.

* Combat brigades in Iraq under different name 7 Advise and Assist Brigades, made up of troops from BCTs, still in Iraq

* Iran unveils missile-launching boats Assault vessel with "high destructive power" to be mass produced.

* Sudan plans nuclear program Reactor is for "peaceful purposes"; IAEA travels to Khartoum

* Alien hunters should look for artificial intelligence A senior astronomer has said that the hunt for alien life should take into account alien sentient machines.

* Petraeus says US has momentum over Afghan Taliban General David Petraeus, the top commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, said the Afghan Taliban's momentum has been reversed in the southern provinces of Helmand and Kandahar, as well as near Kabul.

* Activists rally over Ground Zero mosque Hundreds gather in New York at two separate demonstrations.