Thursday, May 02, 2019


We, the People of Israel, Cannot Forget A friend of Israel wrote me this week that "sometimes we feel as though no one chutz la'aretz--outside of the land--really understands what is happening over there, especially on your Holocaust Memorial Day."

Iraqi Shi'ite Paramilitaries Seek to Clear ISIS From Syrian Border - Report Iraq recently launched another major operation in Hamreen mountains. But ISIS has struck where it can. It murdered a Kurdish member of the local security forces earlier this week.

Holiday Massacres of Christians: A New Fact of Life Notably, other Christian holidays, especially Christmas, are also prime times for Islamic terror, and for the same reasons -- to make a "point" and because at that time, churches are especially packed.

Rivlin at Yad Vashem: 'Anti-Semitism is permeating the heart of European leadership' 'Survivors, every one of you is a miracle, a symbol of life out of death, of hope and faith in life and the eternity of the Jewish people.'

Israel halts for the Holocaust On Holocaust Remembrance Day a siren is sound across the country to honor and remember the 6 million Jews who perished during the Holocaust, to remember and to never forget.

Iran's Al Qods Brigades and Hizballah on battle alert on day before next US sanctions The day before new US oil sanctions against Iran go into effect on May 2, DEBKAfile reports heightened war preparations by Al Qods units in Iraq and Syria, and by Hizballah in Lebanon.

Trump Admin, Congress Ready to Designate Muslim Brotherhood a Terror Group Trump views Brotherhood as a key national security threat.

Why the March of the Living is so important Latests surveys show younger generation is worryingly ignorant - and at times apologetic - about the events of the Holocaust; with the number of living survivors of the Nazi genocide falling rapidly, it's our responsibility to keep their memory alive.

European Elections: "The Battle for Europe has Begun" "We are fighting for Europe to remain European, with European values...." - Tomio Okamura, President, Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD) and Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies.

Hayward: 'May Day' Celebrated Worldwide as Death Toll from Communism Approaches 100 Million May 1st was long ago appropriated by communism as its worldwide holiday and, unfortunately, the civilized world has yet to take it back.