Thursday, June 24, 2021


 Gantz: IDF will 'immediately and powerfully' enter depths of enemy territory in next war Defense minister said that Israel was willing to use its "full capacity" in any arena including Lebanon.

Has Bennett proven that he can stand up to Iran's nuclear aspirations? Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Naftali Bennett wouldn't stop Iran's nuclear aspirations, but recent events in the Islamic State may prove otherwise.

Oman Urges Israel to Create Independent Palestinian State Oman's foreign minister told his Israeli counterpart he hopes Israel's new government will take concrete steps towards creating an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, Omani state media said on Thursday.

The Palestinian Jihad Summer Camps As the international community seeks ways to help the residents of the Gaza Strip after the recent war between Israel and Hamas... and PIJ are diverting their budgets to training children to become soldiers in the war to destroy Israel.

Honduras opens embassy in Jerusalem, 4th country to do so Honduras on Thursday opened its embassy in contested Jerusalem, becoming the fourth country to follow the U.S. move under former President Donald Trump to relocate its chief diplomatic mission in Israel from Tel Aviv.

"Too much": EU leaders confront Hungary's Orban over new anti-LGBT law European Union leaders on Thursday confronted their peer, Prime Minister Viktor Orban, over Hungary's new anti-LGBT law, stressing their commitment to defending gay rights and piling pressure on Budapest to step back.

Why is young evangelical support for Israel eroding? "Too many people...are smart, but they’re starved for information because their pastor is hawking his latest book from the pulpit on Sunday morning, instead of explaining serious issues,” says researcher and writer Jim Fletcher.

Iran's Christian Boom Something religiously astonishing is taking place in Iran, where an Islamist government has ruled since 1979: Christianity is flourishing.

Introducing Iran’s New President Ebrahim Raisi: A Former Judge of the Merciless Hanging Variety Iran’s presidential election was held on June 18, 2021; Ebrahim Raisi, a former judge of the merciless hanging variety, was elected.

EU Report Claims Abortion Is a ‘Human Right’, Trans Surgery Should be State Funded, Demands Removal of Barriers The European Parliament will vote on a resolution declaring abortion access a human right and which demands an end to barriers to abortion, including conscientious objections.