Monday, September 14, 2020


 Israel normalisation may partition Al-Aqsa Mosque: Analysts A clause in the UAE-Bahrain accords with Israel leaves 'door wide open' to Jewish prayer at holy site, analysts say.

Bahrain is first Shiite-majority nation to establish ties with Israel The announcement of a “historic US-Bahrain-Israel breakthrough to further peace in the Middle East,” after the United Arab Republic, underlined the strategic realignment of the Middle East underway under the Trump baton.

Ex-Mossad chief: Bahrain will try to guard Israelis from Shi’ites, Iran Efrayim Halevy rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s formula of “peace for peace,” saying that Israel was never at war with the UAE or Bahrain.

The Road to Arab-Israeli Peace No Longer Runs Through Ramallah For decades, the consensus among senior diplomats, Middle East scholars and the international foreign policy establishment has been that resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the key to broader Arab-Israeli peace.

On anniversary of Oslo Accords, Fatah praises "Intifada," calls for "resistance" On anniversary of signing of Oslo Accords, Palestinian Authority calls for violent 'resistance' against Israel.

Turkey is the new Islamic State and Caliph Erdogan has a master plan Turkey is a proto-Islamic State Caliphate country whose plans for Libya and Egypt are precursors to a 21st century Battle of Preveza. Oped.

Australia: Muslim leader says Israelis ‘are waiting for the Islamic nation to carry out the jihad against them’ “This state – they call it a state – by Allah, it is so weak, that every one of them has his second passport, [his] original passport, and they are waiting for the Islamic nation to stand up and carry out the war and Jihad against them.”

"Peace Agreement" is a Misnomer When it Comes to Israel and the UAE For those familiar with the development of Israel–UAE relations over the past few years, the agreement is more like a coming-out party than a radical departure from the status quo.

No one is coming to save the global economy this time The coronavirus depression will be much worse than the last worldwide recession, because this time no country is strong enough to rescue the global economy.

All of Israel to behave like high priests in Temple thanks to new lockdown measure This year, the Jewish High Holidays will be observed in an entirely unprecedented manner.