Tuesday, June 26, 2012


* Turkey PM Erdogan issues Syria border warning PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan told parliament that if Syrian troops approached Turkey's borders, they would be seen as a military threat.

* Syrian rebels clash with elite troops outside Damascus Syria's elite Republican Guard forces clashed with rebels just outside Damascus Tuesday in some of the most intense fighting.

* Putin Warns Attack on Iran Will Backfire Visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin warned President Shimon Peres Monday that attacking Iran could backfire.

* EU hopes for 'big leap' with fiscal, political union plan EU officials have drawn up a far-reaching plan that would eventually turn the eurozone into an outright fiscal union.

* Africa's Islamist militants 'co-ordinate efforts' Three of Africa's largest militant Islamist groups are trying to co-ordinate their efforts.

* EU builds situation room for Arab League in Cairo Catherine Ashton's foreign service has built a situation room for the Arab League in Cairo to help handle future crises.

* MI5 fighting 'astonishing' level of cyber-attacks MI5 is battling "astonishing" levels of cyber-attacks on UK industry, the intelligence agency's chief has said.

* NATO says downing of Turkish jet 'unacceptable,' but no action in offing NATO's North Atlantic Council condemned Tuesday Syria's downing of a Turkish jet on Friday, but did not recommend military action for the act.

* Putin praises Abbas for his 'responsible' position in negotiations with Israel Visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin praised his Palestinian counterpart Tuesday for what he said was a "responsible" position in negotiations with Israel.

* Iraq gives media 45 days to comply with regulations Iraq's interior ministry has given dozens of media outlets 45 days to comply with Communications and Media Commission (CMC) regulations over licences, or they will face "legal procedures."