Friday, February 28, 2020


Pre-Magog Escalation as Airstrike Kills 33 Turkish Troops in Syria Russia denied that its airforce stationed in Syria was involved in an airstrike on Thursday evening that killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers in Behun in the Idlib province bringing the death toll to 54 Turkish soldiers this month.

A dangerous escalation in Syria An airstrike in northwestern Syria yesterday killed at least 33 Turkish troops.

Will Israel's third elections be the last? For this ugly political negativity and mudslinging to come to an end, the election cycle needs to end.

Potential pandemic looms, says WHO, as covid-19 spreads to 12 new countries in 24 hours and global markets slump Nigeria reported the first case of coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa on Friday, Feb. 28, one of 46 countries outside China reporting 3,700 cases and 57 deaths so far.

Russia sends two warships armed with cruise missiles to Syria's coast Moscow also blamed Ankara for the killing of 33 Turkish soldiers in Syria's Idlib region the previous day.

EU calls on Israel to stop building plans in controversial E1 West Bank corridor Foreign policy head Borrell: Construction will bisect territorial contiguity between West Bank, East Jerusalem, Israel shouldn't take steps that undermine future 2-state solution.

PA: You're a "traitor" if you sell land to Jews PA police instructed to "take the firmest steps" against anyone selling land to Jews.

Eye Opener: Global markets dive amid coronavirus panic Watch CBS Eye Opener video on the Global markets dive amid coronavirus panic.

COLUMN-As coronavirus spikes, so does global instability: Peter Apps As the coronavirus outbreak turns global, stock markets and world populations are waking up to the threat of a global pandemic.

Is It Time To Rebuild The Temple? Baruch Gordon explains the order in which Redemption must take place, and how we will know when the time has come to rebuild the Temple.