Monday, January 08, 2018


Iran's cyber war over 48 million smartphone users was sparked by protest demos Tehran's Internet shutdown, its doomsday weapon for breaking up the new year's anti-government protests, was routed with astonishing speed.

Islamic State in Sinai declares war on Hamas in gruesome execution video IS member accused of smuggling weapons to Gaza rulers is shot in back of head as tensions between rival terror groups erupt; Hamas dismisses clip as 'Zionist production'.

Report: Saudi Arabia working with Israel against Iran Swiss newspaper reports Israel, Saudi Arabia, working together to prevent Iran's expansion in the Middle East.

UK to PA: Israel will have to share Jerusalem British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson tells senior PA official Jerusalem will be 'shared capital' of Israel and a future Palestinian state.

State Dep. urges Israel to bar Jewish prayer on Temple Mount Annual State Dep. report shows department urged Israel to curtail Jewish prayer on Temple Mount, agree to Reform demands at Western Wall.

Poll: Muslims to Overtake Jews as 2nd Largest Religion in U.S. by 2040 The Muslim community currently makes up 1% of the US population and is expected to double in size by 2050.

Abbas to ask EU to recognize 'Palestine' PA officials continuing efforts to unilaterally gain recognition of the state of "Palestine" with eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

Jordanian Minister Visits the Temple Mount Jordan is considered the guardian of Christian and Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, according to agreements between it and Israel.