Saturday, March 15, 2014


Crimea 'calm' ahead of referendum - intl observers No tensions in Ukraine's autonomous republic of Crimea were reported by the team of international observers.

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane 'deliberately diverted' The communications systems of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 were deliberately disabled.

Commander: Iran Knows Enemy Well, Ready for Confrontation "We have enough knowledge of the enemy," Pourdastan said.

Syrian rebels offer to sell Golan to Israel in return for military aid In a report in Al-Arab newspaper, quoted by Iranian news agency Fars on Saturday, a member of the Syrian opposition coalition is quoted as saying the rebels were willing to sell the Golan Heights to Israel.

Ukraine crisis: Russia isolated in UN Crimea vote Russia has vetoed a draft UN resolution criticising Sunday's secession referendum in Ukraine's Crimea region.

Lebanese gov't agrees to new policy allowing citizens to 'resist' Israel Lebanon's new government agreed to a compromise policy statement on Friday.

Iran: Palestinian firepower is 1000 times stronger than before Palestinian terror organizations in Gaza have yet to display their actual missile capabilities.

EU undecided on Russia sanctions ahead of Crimea vote Ukraine's ambassador to the EU has appealed for European unity.

Tense Purim on Gaza front: 'The rockets will not ruin holiday for the children' A ceasefire that the Islamic Jihad announced on Thursday appeared to be holding despite two rockets that were fired from Gaza on Israel.

Egypt unrest: Six soldiers shot dead in Cairo A security official said two bombs left behind by the attackers had been defused.