Monday, October 22, 2018


Israel said to fear US peace plan includes Jerusalem as Palestinian capital Yedioth Ahronoth reports upcoming announcement from the Trump administration could include a clause that would make the city a capital for both sides.

Jerusalem the capital of 'Palestine'? Not anytime soon Senior US official makes clear to Arutz Sheva: Possibility of recognizing East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital is not on the agenda.

Israel Warns It's About to 'Change the Game' in Gaza A tense quiet in the Gaza border region might be the result of serious Israeli threats to "change the game" should terrorists in the coastal enclave continue to threaten the residents of southern Israel.

Former intelligence chief: Iran is forming missile plants in Lebanon Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin, says Iran changed its strategy: instead of basing precision missile factories in Syria, they are transferring missile precision equipment to Hezbollah.

How many Jews and Arabs are there in the Middle East? Peace in the Middle East, solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the creation of a Palestinian state and the status of Judea and Samaria - all of these issues center on the question - is Israel an occupier?

Abdullah cuts down Jordan's peace treaty with Israel, while reorienting his policy on detente with Turkey, Syria, Qatar Jordan's King Abdullah notified Israel on Sunday, Oct. 21, that he will not renew two annexes of the peace treaty which his father King Hussein signed with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1994.

King Abdullah Declines to Renew Part of Jordan's Peace Deal With Israel Part of the agreement was that Jordan would lease sovereign Jordanian land to Israel.

"It Is the Quran That Must Be Read" Extremist Persecution of Christians, May 2018 "Churches and individual Christians have faced increased restrictions in recent months, raising concerns that these pressures signal a coordinated campaign of intensified action against churches by the governing authorities." - Middle East Concern, Algeria.

Russia Supports Syria, Iran Ramps Up Support to Hezbollah "If Hezbollah succeeds in converting these missiles, the new situation would represent a significant risk to Israeli airports, power stations, the Dimona nuclear reactor, and more."

Does God Accept the Prayers of Jews? A recent survey of Evangelical Christians revealed that a majority of them acknowledge that God accepts the prayers of Jews.