Tuesday, October 27, 2020


 Avi Benlolo: Hope for peace in the Middle East — and beyond Despite political and social turmoil, war and the decline of democracies worldwide, we must strive for a world of peaceful co-existence.

UAE’s Pact With Israel Continues To Put Other Arab Governments On The Spot A steady stream of official delegations are traveling back and forth between Israel and the UAE these days.

PA needs to resume cooperation with Israel or face 'economic collapse:' Mladenov UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process also urged Israel to lift some restrictions.

Palestinian terrorists who targeted Israelis in deadly attacks praised on PA TV A Palestinian media watchdog said on Monday that Palestinian Authority Television recently aired a program praising convicted terrorists guilty of murdering Israelis in targeted attacks, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Israel is still waging a three-front war Reflect: Hamas is busy building tunnels from Gaza, Hezbollah has amassed 150,000 rockets at the border and PA Arabs still stone Jews. Op-ed.

Calls to boycott France put Turkey "even further" from EU President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's support for a boycott of French goods is a further setback to Turkey's already stalled bid to join the EU, the European Commission said Tuesday.

Macron’s Islam remarks bring archrivals Iran & Saudi Arabia together to join growing Muslim condemnation of French leader Angry rebukes of Emmanuel Macron continue to arrive from across the Muslim word. Iran and Saudi Arabia, which usually don’t see eye to eye, have condemned the French president’s remarks about Islam.

Russia Vows 'Solidarity' with Syria, Conducts One of War's Deadliest Strikes Russia has reiterated its unwavering support for Syria, where it launched one of what reports estimate to be one of the near-decade-long conflict's deadliest strikes, killing dozens of insurgents in the country's renegade northwest.

PA threat to Israel: “I’m taking my enemies down with me… Either [we get] Palestine, or a fire [will burn] generation after generation” Claiming that the US and Israel are planning to “redesign” the Middle East via “normalization” and US President Trump’s peace plan, the PA threatened “anarchy, violence, and instability” in an editorial in its official daily.

Ashkenazi: 'Israel will not allow Iranian establishment in Syria' Israeli FM discusses recent Middle East developments with Russian counterpart in Greece.