Friday, July 19, 2019


US destroyed Iranian drone in Strait of Hormuz, says Trump The US Navy destroyed an Iranian drone on Thursday after it refused to back down, President Donald Trump says.

Erdogan's American Gamble "Turkey's decision to proceed with the acquisition of the Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile system presents a serious national security threat to the United States and to our NATO allies."

Netanyahu: We won't hold back responding to strikes from populated areas The comments came as Netanyahu spoke at thememorial service for the fallen soldiers of the Second Lebanon War.

Is a New US Mideast War Inevitable? In October 1950, as U.S. forces were reeling from hordes of Chinese troops who had intervened massively in the Korean War, a 5,000-man Turkish brigade arrived to halt an onslaught by six Chinese divisions.

Ilhan Omar Angers Jewish Groups by Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany in pro-BDS Bill Pro-Israel groups denounced U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) for comparing the anti-Israel BDS movement to previous boycotts of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Moscow sends troops to front lines in Syria - Report Russian Defense Ministry releases statement categorically rejecting claim its troops are participating in Idlib offensive.

A New, Pro-Israel Government in Athens The right-wing conservative New Democracy party's accession to office in Greece will not weaken the country's close ties with Israel and could even strengthen them, despite the presence in the government of a minister with an allegedly antisemitic past.

China-UAE relationship at its best in history: Chinese envoy China and the UAE are enjoying 'best period' in history now while celebrating a milestone.

Teaching High School Students to Demonize Israel Shortly after Rosh Hashanah of 2011, Shiri Pagliuso, a Jewish ninth grader at the Newton South High School, came home with an awkward question for her father.

Ancient Galilee church unearthed, said to be home to apostles Peter and Andrew Israeli archaeologist says dig at El-Araj, near Sea of Galilee, confirms it as the site of fishing village Bethsaida.