Thursday, June 14, 2012


* Some cry 'coup' as Egypt's highest court annuls parliament, military extends power Egypt's highest court declared the parliament invalid Thursday, and the country's interim military rulers promptly declared full legislative authority, triggering a new level of chaos and confusion in the country's leadership.

* UNESCO report exposes Dome of Rock renovation UN body condemns Israel for skipping meeting on Mugrahbi Bridge plans; Israel denies knowledge of meeting, blames Jordan.

* Iran detains suspects behind assassinations of nuclear scientists, report says Semi-official Fars news agency cites Iranian Intelligence Ministry as reporting the arrest, withholding other details; Iran has accused Israel, U.S. of the killings.

* Under US pressure, Abbas and Mofaz reportedly to meet in Jordan next week As the rift between Hamas and Fatah deepens, senior PA officials turn their gaze to Israel’s new coalition to restart peace talks

* PMW's 'Puppet Show' Report Shuts Down PA Website A PMW report on a PA puppet show encouraging children to replace cigarettes with guns led to one PA website shutdown and a probe of an NGO.

* Military drone mistaken for ‘UFO’ along DC highways People in the D.C. area are buzzing after pictures began popping up online showing what many believed to be a 'UFO' in transport along the Capitol Beltway.

* A moon of Saturn may have 'tropical' lakes They might not be fit for humans to swim in, but "tropical" lakes may exist on one of Saturn's moons that could harbor tiny organisms.

* 3,000 March to Celebrate Jewish Life in Samaria 3,000 Israelis of all ages and backgrounds joined together to celebrate Jewish life in Samaria, by participating in the Shomron March.

* Begin: We made mistakes with flotilla Likud minister says that in retrospect, it's obvious that government made mistakes in planning for Gaza-bound flotilla in 2010

* Muslim Brotherhood seeks unity ahead of Egypt runoff against Mubarak's last PM Unofficial results show very tight race, with fewer than 8 percentage points separating the top four candidates.