Tuesday, July 30, 2019


IDF Drilling on evacuating communities close to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula IDF is concerned that terrorists will cross out of Gaza and then make their way back into Israel to attacks troops and civilians from the Sinai.

PA premier: Without a two-state solution, Israel will suffer 'demographic death' Mohammad Shtayyeh says Palestinians are majority between Jordan River and Mediterranean for 1st time since 1948; slams US envoy's comments on Palestinian rights; hosts Meretz group.

Iraq plans to build new oil pipeline via Jordan Iraq's oil ministry says it's making progress to reduce imports and increase revenues.

UK could play leading role in coalition to protect Gulf shipping The Royal Navy is already protecting British-flagged ships through the Strait of Hormuz from the threat of an Iranian attack.

Report: Israel launched two attacks on Iranian targets in Iraq in July According to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Israel attacked a base in Ashraf, Iraq northeast of Baghdad on Sunday, targeting Iranian advisers and a shipment of ballistic missiles from Iran.

Muslim Brotherhood Accuses Egyptian President of Making Isaiah Prophecy Come True In a criticism of their arch-nemesis, the current president of Egypt, The Muslim Brotherhood cited a prophecy from the Book of Isaiah.

Anti-British EU bigwig - who wants Spanish control of Gibraltar - stirs up trouble for UK Spanish socialist Josep Borrell is set to become the EU's top diplomat in November - but as Madrid's foreign affairs chief, the 72 years old has been far from diplomatic.

Turkey Adopts Eurasianism Few observers back then warned that Erdogan's pro-West facade was fake and his deep adherence to political Islam, an enemy of the Western civilization, would one day urge him to seek non-Western alliances.

The coming of persecution for Christian Americans The Washington Examiner reported that Pastor Andrew Brunson said he was "astounded at the speed with which the U.S. is imploding" and that he predicts persecution of Christians will follow.

UK PM Johnson tells Ireland: We leave EU on Oct. 31 'no matter what' British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told his Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar on Tuesday that Britain will be leaving the European Union "no matter what" on Oct. 31, stressing that the so-called Irish backstop had to be removed from any exit deal.