Monday, February 15, 2021


 IDF launches surprise IAF exercise to prepare for war with Hezbollah "Vered Hagalil" drill focused on improving the IAF's readiness for combat in the North.

Dept of Defense: “Real Possibility” of Nuclear War With China The head of the U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), who is tasked with overseeing U.S. nuclear operations, cautioned earlier this month that there is a “real possibility” of nuclear conflict with China or Russia.

From Israeli prison, Barghouti mulls presidency bid, turning up heat on Abbas Abbas confidant Hussein al-Sheikh visits popular former terror chief in jail, where he’s serving multiple life terms for murder, in reported attempt to convince him not to run.

Reported Israel air strikes keep up pressure on Iranian targets near Damascus Israel is said by Syria to have conducted a series of missile attacks on “targets near Damascus from the Golan Heights and Galilee,” late Sunday, Feb. 14.

US Embassy in Jerusalem gets further construction approval The Jerusalem Regional Planning Committee approved plans to expand the US Embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.

Is This Why Biden Hasn’t Called Bibi? Earlier this week, we became aware of an op-ed article in which the author sought to clear the air over a 2010 scandal that he feared was still creating tension between Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden.

The Return of ISIS is a Challenge Biden Must Not Ignore A recent United Nations Security Council report concluded that ISIS currently controls more than 10,000 fighters, organized in small cells in Syria and Iraq.

Palestinians: More Corruption as Biden Resumes Financial Aid The assumption that renewed financial aid would lead the Palestinian leadership to make "concessions" has proven, over the past three decades, to be completely baseless.

Purim directive: Parties and processions forbidden Purim holiday mandates presented to coronavirus cabinet includes ban on parties, holiday meal only with nuclear family, Rashbi's tomb closed.

Is the Phrase “State of Palestine” Catching On? In 2013, Mahmoud Abbas proclaimed that henceforth the Palestinian Authority would be called the “State of Palestine.” It is worth noting how successful he has been in popularizing the phrase, and among whom.