Monday, December 12, 2011


* "Mugrabi Bridge closure is religious war" Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhum: Bridge's closure shows the "Zionist scheme of aggression against al-Aqsa mosque."

* "Iran to reverse-engineer, mass produce US drone" Senior Iranian official says Iran will soon be able to reproduce and upgrade the US RQ-170 Sentinel.

* Syria, Iran: We will never give in to foreign pressure Syria's opposition may have plans to cut ties with Ahmadinejad's Iran but for now Tehran, Damascus are closer than ever before.

* Turkish President Slams Israel, Hails Hamas Turkish president Abdullah Gul: Israel should stop attacking "Palestine" and make peace. Hamas wants to live in peace with Israel.

* Hamas Talks Peace and Declares War Hamas unknowingly acts out a verse from Psalms and talks about another ceasefire while proclaiming to "remove the occupier… from Palestine."

* Mysterious explosion kills 7, injures 16 in Iran Explosion occurred in Yazd, a city where reports have indicated the existence of covert nuclear facilities.

* Documentary looks at life of Yasser Arafat New film "The Price of Kings - Yasser Arafat" screens in Dubai.

* Sarkozy: There are now clearly two Europes The French president has said that there are now clearly "two Europes", following last week's summit in which the UK vetoed EU treaty changes.