Monday, October 15, 2012


An electromagnetic pulse attack - the "other" Iranian nuclear threat Some experts say Tehran may be preparing for an EMP strike - which could "fry" electrical grids, with devastating consequences.

'Drone Infiltration Amounts to Declaration of War' The Hizbullah UAV infiltration into Israel "amounts to a declaration of war" says former Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora.

Iran: New Long-Range Drone Can Carry a Bomb Iran's Air Defense Base Commander has announced it has built an new unmanned long-range drone (UAV) that can carry a bomb.

'Troops in Sinai on high alert after Gaza strike' Egyptian security officials tell Palestinian news agency 'Ma'an' they expect retaliation after IDF assassinates Palestinian jihadi leader.

The Region: Empowering the Middle East's radicals There are two problems with US policy toward the Middle East: both the analysis and response aren't just wrong, they make things much worse.

* 'Iran's Gestapo' Rounds Up Christians Iranian police, termed 'Iran's Gestapo' by a Christian news site, has arrested between 100 and 400 Christians and thrown them into prisons.

EU to Tighten Screws on Iran The European Union is set to respond to Iran's lack of cooperation on inspections of its nuclear sites by tightening the economic screws.

PM: Israel can deal with Iran threat Ahead of vote on 18th Knesset's dissolution, Netanyahu says Israel facing 'greatest security-related challenges since its inception.' Peres: Iran regime threatens entire world.

Obama Urged to Cut Ties with Muslim Brotherhood Simon Wiesenthal Center urges Obama to cut off contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood after anti-Semitic call for Jihad against Israel.

Turkey bans all Syrian flights over its territory Syrian planes have been banned from Turkish air space, the Turkish foreign ministry has announced.