Friday, March 06, 2020


An inside look at Netanyahu's roller-coaster, topsy-turvy week A Likud minister described this past week as feeling the ultimate high and then experiencing the ultimate low.

Liberman may recommend Gantz for PM, will support bill to disqualify Netanyahu With Yisrael Beytenu's support, Gantz could have more MKs backing him for PM than Netanyahu; law barring indicted MK - like Netanyahu - from leading government could have majority.

Pollak: Netanyahu Faces Legislative Coup detat in Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won Israel's elections this week - and may soon be ousted from power.

Erdogan 'may have overplayed hand in Syria conflict', says security expert An international security expert believes that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may have overplayed his hand in the current Syrian conflict and migrant crisis.

Putin saves Erdogan from himself Once again it was Russia that just prevented the threatened 'Muslim invasion' of Europe advertised by Erdogan.

Europe Must Not Fall Victim to Erdogan's Blackmail Turkey would apparently like to see more progress in the talks to grant it admission as a full member of the European Union.

Yehudah Glick: Praying for the Building of the Temple Israel's 3rd election coincides with the weekly Torah portion which talks about the building of the Temple.

'Business is finished': Iranian merchants fear the worst as virus spreads Iranian merchants plying the busy Strait of Hormuz between Dubai and Iran fear their next trip home will be a one-way trip after the United Arab Emirates banned ferry services to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Netanyahu on Coronavirus: 'Israel is in best situation of all other countries' Netanyahu said the situation was better in Israel than other countries thanks to early steps and the country's discipline.

Coronavirus: Waqf Ignores Israel's Call to Limit Muslim Worshippers on Temple Mount Israel's Health Ministry has called on the Jordanian Waqf to limit the amount of Muslim worshipers during Friday's prayers on the Temple Mount.