Friday, October 23, 2015


UNRWA employees suspended for inciting violence against Israelis on Facebook  After ignoring past reports, the UN finally took action against its own employees inciting violence against Israel on social media. 

Report: Israeli aircraft flew over Iran on attack test flight The Wall Street Journal reports Israel executed a test flight over Iran in 2012 as part of plan to attack Iran's nuclear facility in Fordow; US sent a second aircraft carrier to the area fearing an outbreak of war. 

Russia, US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia start talks on Syria  Top diplomats begin quest to end Syria conflict; all four countries support rebel groups fighting Assad. 

'Netanyahu will soon find himself ruling from the Jordan to the Mediterranean'  The Palestine Liberation Organization is once again threatening to disband the Palestinian Authority and transfer overall control of West Bank towns and cities to Israel. 

Radical cleric to Jordan: Annul the peace treaty with Israel  Sheikh Raed Salah calls on Jordan to announce that Muslims have sole ownership of the Temple Mount, even at the expense of peace. 

Historian: 'Netanyahu's Hitler ruckus set records straight'  Dr. Sharvit says 'despite inaccuracies,' Netanyahu's comments that caused an uproar finally addressed Mufti's central Holocaust role. 

Police lift Temple Mount prayer restrictions for Muslims  Despite ongoing terror, Israel Police allow all Muslim worshipers to pray freely at Judaism's holiest site. 

Leading Israeli rabbis warn against Temple Mount visits  Jewish visitors risk unwittingly entering site of Holy of Holies and condemning themselves to eternal excommunication, chief rabbi and colleagues say. 

Gaza university dean urges attacks on Israeli women, children  ‚"The Jews of Palestine are fair game today," says head of Quranic Studies at Islamic University; Fatah publishes incendiary cartoons. 

ISIS in Hebrew: 'We will make you pay for every crime'  Group's branch in Syria releases video in which a member speaking fluent Hebrew warned that soon there would no longer be a single Jew in Jeruslaem and in the rest of the country.