Tuesday, February 26, 2013


* US urges restraint in wake of Palestinian prisoner's death The US on Monday urged Israel and the Palestinians to exercise restraint and avoid making combative statements following the death of Palestinian inmate Arafat Jaradat in an Israeli prison.

* Iran Slams Hollywood Over 'Argo' Oscar Win Iran, upset over the film "Argo" winning the Academy Award for best movie, criticized Hollywood on Monday, with a senior official saying the film "lacks artistic value".

* After months of calm, rocket slams into Ashkelon A rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip at Ashkelon early Tuesday morning.

* Hamas Calls to Kidnap IDF Soldiers The Hamas terror group, taking advantage of the rioting in Judea and Samaria, is calling on terrorists to kidnap IDF soldiers.

* Are Iran rocket experts helping militants in Gaza? Expert rocket makers dispatched from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have in recent days arrived in the Gaza Strip.

* Anti-Morsi fervor grows despite election date change Egyptian president seems to be failing to stem tide against him.

* In Pictures / IDF and Palestinians clash in Hebron An up-close look at clashes in the West Bank city of Hebron between Palestinian protesters and the IDF.

* Benedict XVI to be known as 'pope emeritus' Benedict XVI will be known as "pope emeritus" and will retain the honorific "His Holiness" after he abdicates on Thursday.

* Italy election: Europe jitters over result deadlock France and Germany urged continued reform, while Spain described the result as a "jump to nowhere".

* Russia meteor's origin tracked down Astronomers have traced the origin of a meteor that injured about 1,000 people after breaking up over central Russia earlier this month.