Thursday, July 18, 2019


German diplomat for Palestine liked Antisemitic and Neo-Nazi/KKK Tweets Germany's best selling paper Bild broke the story and showed screenshots of the Tweets on its website, stating the diplomat liked a large number of "antisemitic and anti-Israel" tweets.

Netanyahu: I want to train the next generation of leadership PM on whether he intends to bring Ayelet Shaked into the Likud: My political experience says this question should not be answered.

Expect a War Between Russia and China in the 2020s Notwithstanding the seeming friendship between Chinese president Xi Jinping and Russian president Vladimir Putin, and the growing congruence of both countries' interests in undermining the US-led international order, relations between Russia and China remain at their core as brittle and prone to mutual suspicion and distrust as they have in the past.

Ebola declared global health emergency as 2nd-largest outbreak ever inches toward Congolese border The second-deadliest outbreak of Ebola in history has been dubbed a global health emergency by the World Health Organization after a case was confirmed in a Congo border city of two million people with an international airport.

Caroline Glick: Trump's Tweetstorm Correctly Linked Anti-Americanism to Antisemitism President Donald Trump's tweets on Sunday drew predictable condemnation.

Boris: 'Something About Islam' Kept Muslims 'Centuries Behind', 'Muslim Grievance' Behind Most Conflict Theresa May's expected successor Boris Johnson is under fire from the Muslim Council of Britain for past comments suggesting "something about Islam" was responsible for the Islamic world ending up "centuries behind" the West.

'Jewish by DNA' is rabbinical courts' latest tool Rabbis target immigrants from former Soviet Union, demanding genetic proof of their Jewishness, but the rabbinate's higher courts reject claims it is a racist endeavor.

WATCH: Netanyahu v. Ben-Gurion - two Israeli PMs with markedly different styles This week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surpassed Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to become the country's longest serving leader.

US deploys 500 troops plus Patriots at Saudi airbase facing Iraq border Bracing for the revival of Iran's attacks on Gulf oil allies, the Trump administration has begun deploying troop reinforcements to Saudi Arabia.

Israel ranked among top 10 most innovative countries in the world The exact numbered rank will only be revealed on July 24.