Wednesday, May 08, 2013


* City to Celebrate Reunification with Yom Yerushalayim Concerts The Municipality of Jerusalem has arranged concerts and activities to celebrate Jerusalem Day.

* On Jerusalem Day, clashes and arrests in Old City Police clashed with Palestinians holding an unregistered demonstration outside Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City on Wednesday afternoon.

* One Jerusalem. Undivided. Open to all. Controlled by Israel Nir Barkat says he doesn't know who'll be running against him for the Jerusalem mayoralty in October.

* Bennett: We cannot compromise on a united Jerusalem Jerusalem is a city of three religions, and all must be able to pray in the way and place they want.

* Muslim Official: We'll Give Up Temple Mount When Messiah Comes An at-times angry discussion in the Knesset Wednesday on the rights of Jews to pray on the Temple Mount saw a top official of an Islamic organization that funds and manages prayer services on the Mount say that the Muslims would give up their control of the Mount - when the Messiah comes.

* A First: Flag Dance at Hevron, Too For the first time, educational institutions in Hevron and Kiryat Arba took part in the Flag Dance for Jerusalem Day.

* Ministry to arrange Jewish prayer on Temple Mount The Religious Services Ministry is working on ways to allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount.

* Israel and China ink $400 million trade agreement Israel and China signed a $400 million trade agreement on Wednesday.

* Assad says Syria can stand up to Israel In his first response to Israel’s weekend airstrikes, President Bashar Assad said Tuesday that Syria is capable of facing Israel.

* 'Israel, Turkey to exchange ambassadors after talks' Israel and Turkey will exchange ambassadors shortly after an agreement on compensation over the Mavi Marmara is completely hashed out.