Thursday, February 14, 2019


Pence urges EU to pull out of nuclear deal, says Iran planning 'new Holocaust' At Warsaw conference, US vice president calls Tehran the 'greatest threat' to peace and stability in Middle East.

Netanyahu: Meetings in Warsaw With Arab Leaders to Combat Iran Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday, in what could be a possible gaffe, that his meetings with Arab leaders in Poland are "in order to advance the common interest of combating Iran."

Russia, Iran & Turkey talk long-term Syrian peace in Sochi as US and allies beat war drums in Warsaw Leaders from Russia, Turkey and Iran have descended on the Black Sea city of Sochi to discuss ways of ending Syria's near-eight-year civil war.

Israel believes Iran could have a nuclear bomb in two years Military Intelligence Directorate' assessment says Islamic republic is expected to entrench far from the Israeli border following IAF strikes on its assets in Syria; Hamas likely to initiate a limited offensive against Israel in the coming year.

Netanyahu says he 'Looks Forward' to Receiving Trump's Peace Plan U.S. Vice President Mike Pence thanked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his commitment to the historic alliance between their two countries, adding: "Israel is our cherished ally."

Chief of Staff: Prepare for Gaza conflict IDF assessment states that Hamas is likely to provoke a confrontation before the upcoming elections.

IDF believes Iran pulling forces in Syria away from Israel border due to strikes But Intel report says Tehran not giving up on plans to threaten Israel; army assesses Tehran abiding by 2015 nuclear deal, but could create atomic bomb within 2 years.

'It's like before World War I': How US and Russia are battling for Middle East influence at rival summits Dueling Middle East conferences unfolded in Poland and Russia on Thursday, highlighting the competition for influence and the hardening of geopolitical blocs confronting each other over the volatile region.

Israeli Intel Estimate: New Iranian threat from Iraq. Gaza escalates. Moscow jumps on Palestinian issue Iranian forces are moving back from Israel's border to northern and eastern Syria and arming Shiite proxies with surface missiles.