Thursday, April 10, 2014


Syria chemical weapons: Time running out for destruction Time is fast running out for Syria to hand over its chemical weapons stocks.

Hamas: Unleash the Resistance Hamas responded on Wednesday to Israel's sanctions on the Palestinian Authority.

No breakthrough, but some movement in talks to agree on continuation of negotiations Israeli and Palestinian officials did not reach agreement Thursday during their fourth meeting.

Sinai Terrorists Vow 'Revenge' on US Terror group Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis announced Thursday that it will carry out revenge attacks on the United States.

'Anti-radiation belt' developed by Israeli firm for nuclear emergencies An Israeli company called Stemrad has developed a body belt that protects people from the worst effects of gamma radiation.

Far-right makes major gains in Europe in last decade The rise of far-right politics in Europe reached new heights in last Monday's elections in Hungary.

In sign of warming ties, Russian military delegation visits Egypt A 19-member Russian military delegation arrived in Cairo on Wednesday for a visit that is to last several days.

Ofek 10 satellite 'can gather intel on targets in interesting places' The Ofek 10 spy satellite, launched into space from Palmahim airbase on Wednesday night, has successfully entered its orbit.

Putin letter threatens gas-cut off to Ukraine, EU countries Russian leader Vladimir Putin has threatened to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine.

Hungarians Protest Monument Whitewashing Holocaust In a protest action Tuesday, hundreds of people in Hungary's capital city of Budapest prevented work on a monument.