Monday, July 11, 2011


* Quartet Tries Resurrection of the Dead The Quartet is meeting in Washington to look for a way to resurrect the long-dead "peace process," which already has been buried by Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

* Putin sent to Russia by God: Kremlin aide Vladimir Putin was sent to Russia by God to help it deal with its troubles in the early post-Soviet era, the Kremlin's top political adviser was quoted as saying on Friday.

* "If we didn't have Beck, we'd invent someone similar" Danny Dannon welcomes conservative pundit in address to Knesset committee, says threats don't prevent Israeli public from living normally.

* Tourism to Israel Set to Break Records According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 262,000 visitors entered Israel in June 2011 a record for the month of June with 1% more than June 2010 and 25% more than June 2009.

* Libyan diplomats visited Israel to "change their country's image" MK Sheetrit says that the two came to Israel to promote business plans; Interior Ministry denies having authorized visas for the two, who are allied with Gadhafi.

* Syria: Assad supporters attack US and French embassies Supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have attacked the US and French embassies in Damascus.

* Pakistan: US aid cut will not harm fight against terror Pakistan's army spokesman has said a cut in US military aid will not affect its ability to combat terror groups.

* Arctic shipping routes unlikely to be "Suez of the north" The North Sea route has become freer of ice, but the navigation season is still just two-four months

* Eurozone ministers meet to discuss debt concerns Eurozone finance ministers are due to meet to discuss the continuing debt woes of some member states, with fears growing over Italy's situation.

* Israel-Lebanon sea border dispute looms over gas fields A maritime border dispute is looming between Israel and Lebanon that could set off a new conflict over lucrative energy reserves.