Wednesday, January 20, 2016


New Iranian-Backed Terror Group Makes Inroads in West Bank, Gaza  A new Iranian-backed terror group is making inroads in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, where it operates underground with the potential capacity to deliver devastating attacks to Israel, according to regional experts who have been investigating the organization's rise. 

Ya'alon: If I had a choice - I'd choose ISIS over Iran  Defense Minister says Iran remains Israel's main enemy, notes that the Islamic State doesn't have the same capabilities Iran does. 

Balance of Asia-Pacific Military Power Shifting Against U.S.  The balance of military power in the Asia-Pacific is shifting against the United States, as China and North Korea challenge the credibility of U.S. security commitments and the Pentagon faces spending limits, according to a study released on Tuesday. 

Saudis not ruling out nuclear bomb in response to Iran  Saudi Foreign Minister says his country will do whatever it needs to protect its people if Iran develops a nuclear bomb. 

VIDEO: Israel Highlights Ongoing Palestinian Incitement  At Sunday's cabinet meeting, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan presented ministers with an index of Palestinian Authority-sanctioned incitement against Israel over the past year. 

Fatah official praises Hitler as 'daring' for annihilating Jews  Fatah leader Tawfiq Tirawi asserts infamous Nazi leader was not 'morally corrupt' but in fact 'daring.' 

Global stock markets fall amid oil rout  Stock markets worldwide have tumbled with investors unsettled by the continued slide in oil prices and fears about the impact on global growth. 

Putin offers European Jews refuge in Russia  Europe's beleaguered Jews 'should come to us,' Russian leader tells European Jewish Congress in the Kremlin. 

Watch: US backs EU's resolution dividing Israel  State Dept. slams 'illegitimate settlement activity' in backing anti-Israel move, reiterates support of EU labeling Jewish products. 

Head of EU Parliament Opposes Labeling Israeli Products  The European Union's publishing of official guidelines on the labeling of Israeli 'settler' products was met with praise and approval by the Palestinian Authority, America and most European governments.