Monday, June 09, 2014


Tel Aviv municipality morphs into giant rainbow flag for Gay Pride Month 480 colorful LED light bulbs adorn the municipality building, creating the world's largest rainbow flag.

The Long Arm that Leads the Fist Why is the Israeli Air Force desperate to acquire a 1950s-era aircraft? Arutz Sheva finds out.

Taliban claim deadly attack on Karachi airport The Pakistani Taliban have said they were behind an assault on the country's largest airport that killed at least 28 people, including all 10 attackers.

Eyes on Syria as Iran's Rouhani meets with Turkish leaders Two-day trip to Ankara aimed at restoring strong ties between regional powers, resolving differences over Syrian civil war.

IDF Chief: Hezbollah Stronger than Most Countries in the Region Chief of Staff outlines security issues: Russia arming Assad weekly, Hezbollah massive threat to Israel, Iran can be stopped by force.

Honk if you love Israel South Carolina approves Israel-friendly license plates for private cars.

Israel Will Always Live by the Sword, Says Amidror Former National Security Adviser provides a pessimistic forecast regarding Israel's ability to evade future wars.

At the Vatican, no closer to peace, but perhaps a step away from war Pope Francis brings together two presidents in a prayer session he hopes might inspire, but knows cannot fully replace, political will.

Egypt's Sisi vows tough line to bring security Ex-army chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has vowed to to tackle "terrorism" and bring security, after being sworn in as Egypt's new president.

Israel Encourages Farmers to Honor Biblical Sabbatical Year The Israeli government has reportedly set aside NIS 100 million (~$29 million) to encourage local farmers to honor the biblical command to let their fields lie fallow for one year every seven years.