Wednesday, July 22, 2020


US abruptly informs Beijing to CLOSE consulate in Houston – Chinese Foreign Ministry The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the US asked it to close down its consulate in Houston, Texas. Beijing condemned the move, promising retaliation if the decision is not reversed.

Report: European Union orders Palestinian Authority to coordinate with Hamas Will the Palestinian Authority and Hamas join together to fight Israel's plans of sovereignty?

Russia’s ‘readiness’ drill involves 150K troops, 400 aircraft, 100 ships The drills began on July 17 with the surprise decision. Units from the Southern and Western military districts, including marine infantry and Northern and Pacific fleets were all involved.

The "Maximum Pressure" on Iran's Regime For almost four decades, Iran's regime has been squandering the nation's resources on terror and militia groups... It is estimated that the regime has spent more than $100 billion on its nuclear program.

Israel raises alert levels in north after Hezbollah threat: report Shiite terror group says seeking revenge for killing of member in Damascus.

America Wasn't the First World Power—Here Are History's Five Most Powerful Superpowers While the world has known many great empires, the list of superpowers is shorter.

Erdogan says Turkey will remain in Syria 'until Syrian people are free' President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Turkish forces, which have carried out several incursions into northern Syria since 2016, would remain in the country until Syrians can live in freedom and safety.

Political and Geopolitical Risks to China’s Economic Relations with Iran For more than two decades China has been the largest trade and investment partner of Iran.

Turkey, India both face an end to secularism With Hagia Sophia and Ayodhya, Erdogan and Modi have turned to religious nationalism to shore up their political prospects.

The United Nations' Institutional Racism There is simply a whopping international double-standard here on what passes as institutional racism and what does not -- and it needs to be acknowledged.

Israel: Bill against gay conversion therapy opens fault lines in coalition Religious parties outraged as Blue and White, Labor lawmakers cast their vote in support of the bill.