Wednesday, August 22, 2012


* Terrorists Warn Israel: Harming Al-Aqsa Will Open Gates of Hell The Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization threatened Israel on Tuesday.

* Syrian forces stage deadly Damascus assaults Government forces launched a wave of blistering attacks in Damascus on Wednesday after the regime said it was ready to discuss President Bashar al-Assad's exit.

* Iran to host 30 leaders at 'historic' NAM summit Iran is to host some 30 leaders, including those of India, Egypt and Cuba, at an August 30-31 summit.

* Abbas denies the Jewish connection to Jerusalem Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas denied the Jewish connection to Jerusalem on Tuesday.

* 'The cavalry is not going to ride to Israel's side' Israel is mistaken if it thinks the U.S. will take an attack against Iran upon itself, according to David Wurmser.

* 'Friendly Soccer Game' Becomes Anti-Semitic Fest A "friendly" World Cup warm-up soccer game between Hungary and Israel turned into a hate-fest of anti-Semitic slogans and slurs on Israel.

* Chemical weapons 'excuse for US to intervene in Syria' Chinese state media have accused US President Barack Obama of planning to use Syria's chemical weapons as an excuse for intervening militarily.

* Russia's entry to World Trade Organization hailed by EU Russia's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) will provide an important boost to European companies, the EU has said.

* Egypt's Christians organizing first protest against Muslim Brotherhood leadership Egypt's Christians will take part in the first mass demonstration against the country's Muslim Brotherhood government on Friday.

* 'Egypt's tanks are in Sinai for fighting terrorism' Former Military Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin said Wednesday that Egypt's deployment of tanks to Sinai should not be a worry for Israel.