Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Israeli Lunar XPrize team shoots for the moon One small step by Israelis could become a giant leap for the State of Israel.

EU: Foreign ministers 'extremely concerned' about breakdown of peace talks EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels on Monday said they were "extremely concerned" about recent developments in the Israeli- Palestinian diplomatic process.

US starts countrywide nuclear drill after similar war games in Russia The US Strategic Command, the agency responsible for country's nuclear arsenal, will hold large-scale war games this week.

Netanyahu in Japan: You have North Korea, we have Iran Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday drew a comparison between North Korea and Iran.

In PA cartoon, 'reconciliation' smites Israeli snake A cartoon published in an official newspaper of the Palestinian Authority depicts a snake-like skullcap-wearing Israeli having his head cut off by Palestinian unity.

World powers 'set to draft' grand compromise with Iran World powers convene once again in Vienna on Tuesday, set to begin drafting a comprehensive treaty.

The beauty of Ottoman Palestine, lovingly explored and documented In the basement of a house on the Mount of Olives is a collection of 100-year-old photographs of Ottoman Palestine.

* Israel's Founding Through Eyes of People Who Lived It Steven Spielberg and Jewish organizations around the world have endeavored to record as much testimony from Holocaust survivors as possible.

Power struggle looms after EU vote In just over three week's time the European elections will be over but a new process will have just begun.

Palestinians: Hamas-Fatah unity government to be announced by end of month The new PA unity government will be announced before the end of May, Palestinian sources said.