Friday, July 01, 2011


* The Muslim Brotherhood and Weiner Far more disturbing than the salacious details of Weiner's dalliances is the fact that apparently his mother-in-law is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

* Gaddafi threatens attacks in Europe A defiant Muammar Gaddafi has threatened to carry out attacks in Europe unless NATO halts its campaign of airstrikes against his regime in Libya.

* Who Is The Muslim Brotherhood? The MB has has tried to portray itself as moderate and democratic. But at its core it is anything but. The Brotherhood is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

* Syrians tell Assad to go Syrian forces shot dead nine protesters on Friday as tens of thousands of people called on President Bashar to step down.

* Greece Stops US Flotilla Ship After it Leaves Port Organizers behind the US flotilla ship 'Audacity of Hope' said Geek authorities stopped the boat shortly after it left port.

* 'Oil shale can bring energy security and independence' Shooting out of a pipe at the Zoharim oil shale drilling site southwest of Beit Shemesh on Wednesday morning was the first shale sample from the location.

* Survey: Religious Right Continues Growth A survey conducted by Yisrael Hayom and Hagal Hahadash has found hat the combined bloc of politically right-wing and hareidi-religious parties continues to grow.

* Swiss party ad features Jewish doll Ads promoting an independence party in Geneva featured a doll of a man wearing a yarmulke with an arrow in its head and an Israeli flag painted on it.

* Netanyahu praises U.S. as champion of freedom, ally of Israel at Fourth of July event Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the United States as a champion of freedom and a great ally of Israel.

* Polish leader warns about 'new euroscepticism' The financial crisis and Arab Spring migrants have given rise to a "new euroscepticism" inside the union.