Monday, December 05, 2011


* If war is declared on Iran, the Strait of Hormuz will be the strategic focus With Iran torn by political turmoil, the only gateway to the Persian Gulf and arguably the world’s most strategic choke point.
* Russia election: OSCE sees numerous violations International observers have cited numerous violations in Sunday's parliamentary elections in Russia.
* Assad sends message: Army test-fires Scud missile SANA reports military's live-fire exercise in east Syria 'demonstrates ability of the Syrian missile forces to defend the homeland.' US official: Assad deepening sectarian hatred
* Egypt's new election results show Islamists dominating Researcher says conflict between military, Islamists will be over 'the soul of Egypt'.
* Everything You Need to Know about Muslim Brotherhood Ex Muslim Brotherhood leader spells out its ideology: Muslims "are masters of the world," waging Jihad against "thieving gangs of Zion."
* Egyptian Christians an Endangered Species The big losers in Egypt’s first round of elections are Christians, who fear for their survival in a radical Islamic-controlled country.
* Iran violating international norms, becoming pariah state Senior US official: "If we cannot achieve a diplomatic solution soon, inevitably interests will grow in a different kind of solution."
* Eurozone: France and Germany call for tougher treaty The leaders of France and Germany say the EU needs a new treaty to deal with the eurozone debt crisis.
* Saudi may join nuclear arms race: ex-spy chief Saudi Arabia may consider acquiring nuclear weapons to match regional rivals Israel and Iran, its former intelligence chief said.
* Iraq officials seek air defense deal with Gulf Baghdad moves to secure its airspace in lieu of US withdrawal; Iraqi president's chief of staff says Iraq lacks defense resources.